Monika Nalepa



Regular Faculty - Associate Professor


Nanovic Institute Faculty Fellow, (September 2008-present), Kroc Institute Faculty Fellow (January 2009-present), Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow, (September 2009-present)


Comparative Politics


Warsaw University, MA
Columbia University, MA, PhD

Research and Teaching Interests

Institutions of Transitional Justice, Democratic Transitions, Legislative Politics, Eastern Europe

Advising Specialties

Law School, PhD programs


Born in Warsaw, Poland Professor Nalepa taught for two years at Rice University and held a post-doc at the Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies prior to arriving at Notre Dame. Her publications include "Captured Commitments: An Analytic Narrative of Transitions with Transitional Justice," World Politics 62, 2 (2010); Skeletons in the Closet: Transitional Justice in Post-Communist Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2010); "Lustration and the Survival of Parliamentary Parties,"Taiwan Journal of Democracy," 5, 2 (2009); "Punish All Perpetrators or Protect the Innocent? Comparing Systems of Transitional Justice," Journal of Theoretical Politics 20, 2 (2008); (coeditor) "A Special Issue on Transitional Justice," Journal of Conflict Resolution 50, 3 (2006), "Judging Transitional Justice: A New Criterion for Evaluating Truth Revelation Procedures," "Strategic and Normative Aspects of Transitional Justice," both in Journal of Conflict Resolution 50, 3 (2006). In 2011, her article "Reconciliation, Refugee Returns, and the Impact of International Criminal Justice: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina" will be published in Nomos L: Transitional Justice (eds. Melissa S. Williams, Rosemary Nagy, and Jon Elster).

Contact Information

Office: 439 Decio
Phone: (574) 631-6828
Fax: (574) 631-4405

Mailing Address

Department of Political Science
217 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556