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I am a PhD student in the Political Science Department at the University of Notre Dame.  I specialize in International Relations, and specifically focus on International Security, Military Interventions, Democratization, Exogenous Regime Change, and the Balkans.   My current research focuses on the impact of democratization on territorial dispute resolution and conflict management, the impact foreign imposed regime change can have on internal violence, and the impact of leadership selection points on the propensity of states to engage in militarized crises.  I am also interested in examining how democratization and security policies of third parties can contradict each other in post-conflict environment, specifically how EU democratization policy can impact the security mission in Bosnia.   

I originally hail from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Prior to attending Notre Dame I received a Master's Degree in International Affairs from The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University and before that I received dual bachelors' degrees in political science and philosophy from Clemson University. Besides my academic interests, I am an avid soccer fan and you can usually find me watching or attending a soccer match when I am not involved in my scholarly pursuits.

Expected graduation: 2017


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