Lenore VanderZee

International Relations

Curriculum Vitae


Lenore VanderZee is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science and Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and Notre Dame's Department of Political Science.

Lenore’s primary research focuses on how and why states end military occupations. In addition to building an original dataset on post-World War II military occupations, my dissertation examines the role of power politics, institutional involvement, and regimes/regime change in ending entrenched occupations.  Her other research interests include the definition and measurement of democracy in the context of colonialism and military occupation, as well as international environmental law and politics and Middle Eastern politics.

In addition to her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Calvin College (1998), she holds a J.D. (2006) and an LL.M. (2007) in International Human Rights Law from Notre Dame Law School. Prior to her Notre Dame experience, she lived and worked in the West Bank for three years – first in the NGO sector, then as a television news correspondent for Dubai TV.  These experiences fueled her interest in military occupation, international security, human rights, and international environmental law.

While working to complete her dissertation, Lenore is currently the Chief of Staff at SUNY Canton, where she also teaches Political Science courses.

Dissertation Title:

Concluding Conquest: Why States End Military Occupation

Dissertation Committee:

Peter Wallensteen (Chair)
Michael Coppedge
Michael Desch
Mary Ellen O'Connell


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