Shinkyu Lee

Political Theory


Shinkyu “James” Lee is currently completing a dissertation on Hannah Arendt’s thought on political associations. By analyzing three forms of political communities found in Arendt’s major works (the nation-state, the ancient polis, and the modern republic), this project articulates her views on agonistic action and public institutions while exploring their implications for international relations. From this research, he has been developing several journal articles relating to political violence, including one that is forthcoming in International Politics. For future projects, he envisions extending Arendtian insights to the East Asian context of peacebuilding, as well as to the role of religion in political reconciliation.

Prior to his doctoral training in political science, James earned master’s degrees in religion and anthropology at Harvard University and the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, respectively. At Notre Dame, he has received the University Presidential Fellowship, the Mullen Family Fellowship, and the Dissertation Fellowship from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, among other awards.

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