Political Science Graduate Organization

Known as "PoGo" this organization has been established for Political Science graduate students to work together toward improving each student's potential as they navigate through the program to earn their PhD. The organization is open to all Political Science graduate students. It sponsors training seminars, social gatherings and professional development activities.

Elected Officers 2015-2016

         Sid Simpson
     Vice President for Professional Development
         Emily Maiden
     Vice President for Social Affairs
          Mark Brockway
     American Politics Field Representative
         Maryann Kwakwa
     Comparative Politics Field Representative
          Fernando Bizzarro
     Constitutional Studies Field Representative
          Robert Burton
     International Relations Field Representative
          Sean Braniff
     Political Theory Field Representative
          Colleen Mitchell
     Peace Studies Field Representative
          Jesse James
     Graduate Student Union Representative 1
          Sarah Peters
     Graduate Student Union Representative 2
          Michael Polito
     1st Year Student Representative
          Alejandro Castrillon

PoGo Constitution

Upcoming Events