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New article by Eileen Hunt Botting

April 17, 2017, Lacey Barroso

Eileen Hunt Botting has published "The Early Rousseau's Egalitarian Feminism: A Philosophical Convergence with Madame Dupin and 'The Critique of the Spirit of the Laws'"  in History of European Ideas (April 2017), 1-13.  The link to free offprints is here

NEW BOOK by Gary Hollibaugh and co-authors

April 17, 2017, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Gary Hollibaugh and his co-authors Adam Ramey and Jonathan Klingler on their new book, "More Than a Feeling: Personality, Polarization, and the Transformation of the US Congress." You can purchase it here

New article updated by Christina Wolbrecht and David Campbell

April 07, 2017, Lacey Barroso

View the full Vox article ("Did Jeannette Rankin inspire other women to enter politics?") here.…

NEW: International Security Studies Certificate Program

April 06, 2017, Lacey Barroso

The International Security Studies Certificate Program is now open to Political Science majors. The program helps students develop a broad understanding of international security theory and practice while building leadership and crisis management skills. Students wishing to participate in the program should apply in the spring of their sophomore year.…

Alan Dowty will receive award for excellence in research

April 04, 2017, Lacey Barroso

The Association for Israel Studies is pleased to announce the 2017 awards for excellence in research on Israel Studies. The awards will be presented at the 2017 AIS Annual Meeting at the Center for Israel Studies (Brandeis University) on Monday, June 12, 2017.  Alan Dowty (emeritus, University of Notre Dame) and Pnina Lahav