Honor Society & Awards

ΡΣΑ / Pi Sigma Alpha

Notre Dame is home to the Gamma Delta chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national Political Science Honor Society. Membership is by invitation only. Every semester students that meet the requirements for membership receive an e-mail inviting them to join.

To qualify, students must have completed at least one-half of the credits required for a Bachelor's degree; must have completed at least 4 Political Science courses including at least one upper-division course with a grade of B or higher in these courses; and must have a cumulative GPA placing them in the top one third of the entire class.

"Students may not join Pi Sigma Alpha through the national office, but may only become members through their campus chapters."

2017-2018 Officers


President: Emily Gust

Vice-President: Anne Batcheller

Secretary: Stephanie Mellert

Treasurer:​ Lane Haskell

Senior Thesis Awards

The following awards are given for the best senior thesis in each field:

  • The John Roos Prize  for the best senior thesis in American politics,
  • The Stephen Kertesz Prize for the best senior thesis in international relations,
  • The Guillermo O'Donnell Prize for the best senior thesis in comparative politics,
  • The Paul Bartholomew Prize for the best senior thesis in political theory.

Writing Award

The Gary F. Barnabo Political Science Writing Award for outstanding writing in Political Science that offers a non-violent solution to existing problems.  All Political Science majors are eligible to submit a paper for this award.

Service Award

The George Brinkley Prize for service to the department, the university and the wider community.

Departmental Prizes, May 2017

The John Roos Prize in American Politics, Matthew Kearney

The Stephen Kertesz Prize in International Relations, Sienna Wdowik

The Guillermo O'Donnell Prize in Comparative Politics, Maria Mendoza

The Paul Bartholomew Prize in Political Theory, Neil Joseph

The Gary F. Barnabo Writing Award,  Olivia Till

The George Brinkley Prize,  Jessica Pedroza