Interdisciplinary Minors

The Department of Political Science collaborates in several interdisciplinary minors for undergraduate students. These cross-departmental programs can serve as a complement to the Political Science major.

Constitutional Studies

This minor is designed to encourage students to confront fundamental questions concerning justice, the rule of law, and human flourishing. Courses approach these topics from a variety of historical, cultural, disciplinary, and philosophical perspectives.
Location:  336 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Director: Vincent Phillip Muñoz  /  /  (574) 631-0489
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer Smith  /  /  (574) 631-5351

Hesburgh Program in Public Service

The Hesburgh Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to inform students about the dimensions of policy making, public administration and policy evaluation and develop skills in research, sensitivity to ethical issues and appreciation for the character and limits of constitutional democracy.
Location:  337 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Director: Martine Deridder  /  /  (574) 631-5018
Administrative Assistant:  Nancy Bikowski  /  /  (574) 631-9183

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

This minor is designed for students with serious interests at the intersection of political theory, political philosophy, and economic theory. It aims to help students acquire some fluency in each of the disciplines, as well as provide a forum where all three disciplines can be brought to bear on common problems.
Location:  330 Malloy Hall
Contact:  Paul Weithman  /  /  (574) 631-5182