Constitutional Studies Minor

Constitutional Studies minor

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

We are excited to send off our second class of Constitutional Studies graduates - eleven outstanding students:

Peter, Christopher D., Daniel, Matthew, Michael, Stanley, Elizabeth,
Christopher H., Kerry, Tyler, and Benjamin.

Throughout the summer, we'll feature quotes by these graduates on why they chose this program, and what they loved about it!  Check back regularly to see why the Constitutional Studies program may be a great fit for you!

Name: Stanley Fronczak
Major: Political Science and Chinese
Plans for Next Year: Notre Dame Law School

I jumped at the chance to minor in Constitutional Studies late in my college career because it offered the classes I had traditionally been the most interested in and found to be the most useful in my daily life (it also offered the best professors!).  I cannot begin to explain how constitutional studies has helped me gain better insight to modern American politics and simple daily actions like watching the news.  Although many political science classes helped, constitutional studies classes really dove into the subject matter and had us think about and discuss the most pertinent discussions of today.  I really felt like I was not learning old material but trying to answer the questions of the future.  The experience was what I wanted out of college, and without constitutional studies, I probably would not have received it.

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