Camilo Nieto-Matiz

Comparative Politics

​I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and a Graduate Affiliate at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies
My main research interests are in comparative politics with a substantive focus on state-building, criminal and political violence, and political behavior in weakly institutionalized democracies. I have a regional interest in Latin America, and methodologically, am interested in the use of quantitative methods and tools of causal inference, as well as qualitative approaches. 

Prior to coming to Notre Dame, I completed a BA in Political Science (2009) at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia and a MA in Public Policy and Conflict Studies (2013) at the University of Erfurt in Germany. I worked as a researcher at German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg, and Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular in Bogotá.

Graduation anticipated 2019

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