Hire a Notre Dame Ph.D.

​Dear Colleague:

The Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame is delighted to announce its current candidates for academic appointments (scroll down for further information on our candidates). Most have their Ph.D. in hand or will have completed their degree by August 2021.

Notre Dame has honed a small, highly selective Ph.D. program. All of our candidates reflect Notre Dame's unique integration of research and teaching. All have presented papers at professional conferences, and some already have authored or co-authored articles in respected journals and/or received highly competitive external grants. All have received pedagogical training and have experience as teaching assistants, and many have taught their own classes as well. Some seek and deserve placement at top research universities, while others aspire to teach at excellent liberal arts colleges.

Tenure-track placements of our candidates in recent years have included universities such as Michigan State, Arizona State, Oberlin, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Butler University, Baylor University, Virginia Tech and other fine institutions.

We urge you to give serious consideration to our candidates.


Jeff Harden
Director of Graduate Studies

Christina Wolbrecht
Placement Director

Paul Friesen

Comparative Politics, American Politics, Methodology

Wayde Z.C. Marsh

American Politics, Political Theory, Methodology

Andrea C. Peña-Vasquez

Comparative Politics, American Politics

Emma Rosenberg

Comparative Politics, American Politics

Ilana Rothkopf

International Relations, Comparative Politics

Mary A. Shiraef

Comparative Politics, Political Theory

Hannah Wilson

American Politics, Comparative Politics