Constitutional Studies Placement Candidates

Matthew Hartman

Matthew Hartman


Matthew Hartman is a postdoctoral associate in Political Science at the University of Notre Dame specializing in German and American Political Thought. He earned his PhD in July of 2018 with the dissertation “Strauss and Gadamer: Political Philosophy, Hermeneutics, and Historicism.”

He joined the department in 2013 after earning his MA and BA in Political Science at the University of Chicago in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

Matthew’s dissertation is an investigation of Leo Strauss and Hans-Georg Gadamer’s responses to the crisis of historicism in 20th Century political thought. By considering how historicism—the denial of the possibility of properly interpreting other eras on their own terms—corrodes the preconditions of understanding beyond our particular contexts, he attempts to restore political discourse with resources from Strauss’s concept of return and Gadamer’s concept of hermeneutics.

In addition to his dissertation, Matthew has written on Mary Wollstonecraft’s concept of marriage, Abraham Lincoln’s statesmanship, Alexis de Tocqueville’s understanding of centralization, and Nietzsche as a resource for political resistance.

In Spring 2019, Matthew will be teaching “Communist and Fascist Political Thought.”