The Choosing People: The Puzzling Politics of American Jews


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Ken Wald, Distinguished Professor of Political Science from the University of Florida, has written about the relationship of religion and politics in the United States, Great Britain, and Israel. His most recent books include The Politics of Cultural Differences: Social Change and Voter Mobilization Strategies in the Post-New Deal Period (co-authored, Princeton University Press, 2002) and Religion and Politics in the United States (4th ed., Rowman & Littlefield, 2003). His articles have appeared in the American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, American Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Political Science, Social Science Quarterly, and many other journals. Wald co-edits the Cambridge University Press series, "Religion, Politics and Social Theory," edited a special issue of the International Political Science Review in 2004, and serves on the editorial board of two journals.