Alumni Reunion Panel: The Value of the Arts


Location: Washington Hall

A panel of Notre Dame faculty will gather to address the intrinsic value of art, looking at its ability to make the unseen seen, to inspire new ways of thinking, and to empower humankind. Whether it is a painting that captures developing changes in our culture; a lens by which we learn to see critical details in complex problems; a documentary that sheds insight into the cacophony of daily news reporting; or an organizing force in the community that advances education, the economy, or your local community, art is a uniquely powerful form of both expression and provocation.

Join professors Maria Tomasula (fine arts), Keith Davis (physics), Jim Collins (film), and Terry McDonnell (sociology) in what will be a wide-ranging discussion and Q&A session.

The panel will be chaired by Chris Murphy ’92 of Catharsis Productions.

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters

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