The Implications of the 2016 Election for International Development, Peace, and Human Rights


Location: C100 Hesburgh Center Auditorium

The impact of the recent US election goes well beyond its domestic significance. Come engage in a dialogue with a diverse group of faculty experts exploring the implications of the election for international development, peace, and human rights.


Maurizio Albahari 
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Perin Gurel 
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Concurrent Assistant Professor of Gender Studies

George Lopez 
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, Professor of Peace Studies Emeritus
Professor of Political Science Emeritus
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Jennifer Mason McAward 
Associate Professor of Law
Director, Center for Civil and Human Rights

Sara Sievers
Associate Dean for Policy and Practice, Keough School of Global Affairs
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow


Paolo Carozza
Professor of Law
Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies