The Peacemaker’s Paradox: Is Justice Impossible After War?


Location: C103 Hesburgh Center

Featuring Priscilla Hayner, Director of the International Policymakers Unit at the International Center for Transitional Justice in New York City


In her second book, The Peacemaker’s Paradox: Pursuing Justice in the Shadow of Conflict, transitional justice expert Priscilla Hayner explores the age-old problem of negotiating peace after a war of atrocities. Hayner’s lecture will draw on her first-hand involvement in peace processes and interviews from the frontlines of peace talks to recount many heretofore-untold stories of how justice has been negotiated in situations like these and what this tells us for the future. Hayner will also explore how the intervention of international tribunals, such as the International Criminal Court, changes how a war is fought and the possibility of brokering peace

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