Graduating Senior Spotlight- Brendan Melchiorri

Author: Alicia LeRoy

This Graduating Senior Spotlight this week comes from Brendan Melchiorri!


1. What opportunity are you pursuing after graduation?

-"I want to continue my study of Chinese language before I get a job involving China-US relations, so I am currently applying for a China Immersion program through the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE), as well as considering some other teach-in-China programs. An opportunity like this would not only better prepare me for a job of this nature, but allow me to give back a little after so many years of excellent education!"

2. How has your PoliSci degree prepared you for the job after graduation?

-"Political Science has provided me with the skills I need to tackle issues and accomplish goals. Because of the discussion-oriented classes and frequent essays, I learned how to formulate and assert my thoughts and arguments. As a result, I have developed leadership skills and have learned to take an active role in the endeavors in which I am involved. This will no doubt come in handy in any field that I end up in. I've also learned a great deal about the politics of East Asia, which is extremely important for the type of future I am planning."

3. Where do you plan on going in the future?

-"After I work on my Chinese a little more, I would really like to get into the State Department and focus on diplomatic relations between the US, China, and Taiwan."

4. What advice would you give to someone considering a Poli Sci major?

-"Political Science is an extremely broad major with endless opportunities for academic pursuit. No two student experiences are alike, as one may choose from areas of ethics, international relations, human rights, war and peace, theories of government, the nature of human relationships, regional politics, and so on. Choose Political Science if you have a very specific interest or a broad range--you will find something you like either way. Going through the Political Science major will help you to develop leadership skills an become an active participant in world issues--just don't be afraid to speak your mind!"