Webinar - Reducing Nuclear Weapons: Stopping the War that No One Wants

Author: Annie Ortega-Shyne

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The Pope’s stand is clear: the only path forward is nuclear disarmament and the complete elimination of Nuclear weapons. Join former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Secretary of State George Shultz for this important online event on May 20th at 2pm (PDT)

“The ongoing pandemic has shown us what indiscriminate world-wide destruction looks like. A nuclear war would do infinitely more damage in a shorter time and recovery, if possible at all, would take years. Russia says it’s created hypersonic weapons. Kim Jung Un refuses to give up his nuclear program. Iran is enriching uranium. The current START Treaty expires in February 2021. Join a seasoned panel to discuss what the U.S. and others can do at this crucial point in history to reduce weapons and decrease the chances of devastating war.”

For registration information, please visit our Nuclear Disarmament page.

Originally published by Annie Ortega-Shyne at cpn.nd.edu on May 15, 2020.