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Political Science Majors Discover the World at Work

November 29, 2011, Eileen Lynch

Understanding the way the world works is important. But understanding the way you work is just as important, says Joshua Kaplan, director of undergraduate studies in Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science. And by majoring in political science, students come to know both.

Notre Dame Intensifies Focus on Constitutional Studies

November 28, 2011, Sara Burnett

The study of constitutions dates back to Aristotle, yet remains as relevant today as it was then. “It’s a perennial subject that I think is getting renewed attention, first with the fall of the Soviet Union and the constitution writing that went on with that, then the democratization movement in Latin America, and now the revolutions in the Arab world,” says Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Tocqueville Associate Professor of Religion and Public Life at the University of Notre Dame.

Political Science Faculty Mentors Next Generation of Scholars

November 23, 2011, Ted Fox

The graduate program in Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science can boast many successful alumni, including high-profile leaders such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ’75 (M.A.) and former U.S. Ambassador to India Tim Roemer ’85 (Ph.D.). But as impressive as the achievements of these and other alumni may be, what prospective graduate students seek most is a program that will nurture and develop their own ambitions as scholars. And it’s in this regard, says Christina Wolbrecht, associate professor and director of graduate studies, that the department truly shines.

Scholars Explore Religion’s Role in International Relations

November 23, 2011, Kevin Clarke

From Cairo to Kabul to New York City, the events shaping our world are informed by the deeply held religious beliefs of contemporary history’s major protagonists. So why is the dynamic role of religion in world affairs still such a hard academic sell in political science and international relations programs around the country?

New Grants Fund Political Science Faculty Research

November 14, 2011, Joanna Basile

Five scholars in Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science were recently awarded research grants and fellowships to study a range of issues that include national security policy, climate change, religion and politics, and legislative trends in post-Communist Europe.

Notre Dame Scholars Win Political Science Association Book Awards

November 14, 2011, Kate Cohorst

Four scholars from the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science received book prizes at the American Political Science Association (APSA) annual meeting this fall, recognizing important new insights on topics such as race, religion in politics, and comparative democratization.

Three Faculty Join Department of Political Science

November 14, 2011, Mike Danahey

The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science recently hired three assistant professors: Jaimie Bleck, a scholar of African politics and development; Emilia Justyna Powell, an expert in international law; and Stefano Recchia, a specialist in international security organizations.