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Political Scientist and Legal Scholar Donald Kommers Receives Mellon Fellowship

December 13, 2011, Joanna Basile

Can a newly minted constitution help revive a people devastated by war? Can it produce a deliberative democracy and respect for human rights? Can it provide a foundation for political loyalty and facilitate the reunification of a divided nation? These are questions University of Notre Dame political scientist and legal scholar Donald Kommers seeks to answer in his study of the creation, maintenance, and legitimacy of Germany’s postwar constitutional order, for which he has been awarded a yearlong Emeritus Fellowship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Notre Dame Survey of African American Catholics Offers Important Insights

December 13, 2011, William G. Gilroy

A new, unprecedented national survey of African American Catholics by University of Notre Dame researchers reveals several significant insights into individual religious engagement and identifies several notable demographic trends facing the church. Notre Dame social scientists Darren W. Davis and Donald B. Pope-Davis, who co-authored the report, set out to test the validity of anecdotal accounts that African American Catholics were becoming increasingly disengaged from their religion.

Political Science Ph.D. Candidate Studies Colonialism and Slavery

December 02, 2011, Mary Hendriksen

Political science graduate student and former Kellogg Dissertation Year Fellow Olukunle Owolabi has a unique personal connection with the subject of his research—the differences in development and governance between countries with a history of plantation slavery and those with a history of colonial occupation.

Senior political science major wins Marshall Scholarship

December 02, 2011, Erik Runyon

Peter Quaranto, a University of Notre Dame senior from Franklin, Mass., is one of 43 Marshall Scholarship winners for 2006, the British government announced this week.He was chosen from among some 800 candidates to receive one of the most competitive and prestigious merit scholarships available to undergraduates. p. The…

Notre Dame Political Scientist Guillermo O’Donnell Dies

December 01, 2011, Michael O. Garvey

Guillermo O’Donnell, professor emeritus of political science and senior fellow of the University of Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies, died November 29 in Buenos Aires after a long struggle with cancer. He was 75 years old. A native of Argentina, O’Donnell is internationally renowned for original and influential scholarship on Latin American authoritarian regimes, the democratic transitions undergone by many of them, and how modernization and democracy affect each other.