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Political Scientist Eileen Botting Publishes Forgotten Boston History

May 13, 2011, Kate Cohorst

Notre Dame political scientist Eileen Hunt Botting has teamed up with a former Ph.D. student and four undergraduates to publish, for the first time, one of the few major histories of the American Revolution written by a woman. And not just any woman.

Boston’s early history chronicled in new book edited by Notre Dame political scientist

May 05, 2011,


A previously unpublished manuscript written by Hannah Mather Crocker (1752-1829), an early women’s rights advocate, has been edited by Eileen Hunt Botting, University of Notre Dame political scientist, and published as “Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston” (New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2011).

Crocker was descended from a long line of Puritan activists, including her grandfather, Cotton Mather, known for his role in the Salem Witch Trials. One of Crocker’s most important contributions as an essayist was her 1818 book “Observations on the Real Rights of Women,” in which she argued that education was crucial to the advancement of women.