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Alumnus Applies Peace Studies to Naval Career

August 16, 2011, Joan Fallon

University of Notre Dame government and peace studies alumnus Stephen Fuller ’92 was recently appointed commanding officer of the USS Nicholas, the ship that captured the Somali pirates in spring 2010.

Alumnus Choreographs Own Career

August 16, 2011, Andrew Vanden Bossche

Jason Laws is a man who writes his own story. When the job he wanted didn’t exist, he created it. Since receiving his political science degree from the University of Notre Dame in 2007, Laws has built a successful career in Chicago as a commercial choreographer, creative director and producer. He’s also carved a niche for himself creating flash mobs—a concept that wasn’t even invented until 2003.

Christian Davenport receives political science book award

August 11, 2011, Kate Cohorst

Christian Davenport

University of Notre Dame Professor Christian Davenport has been awarded the American Political Science Association’s 2011 prize for best book on race, ethnicity and politics.

“Media Bias, Perspective and State Repression: The Black Panther Party” (Cambridge University Press) explores the “Rashomon effect”—the tendency for events to be perceived and reported in different ways, depending on who is telling the story and to whom—and its implications for violence, protest, repression and peace. The phenomenon is named after Akira Kurosowa’s 1950 mystery film “Rashomon,” in which a single event is recalled in four contradictory ways by different individuals.