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Marie Kissel ’83 on Study Abroad and the Liberal Arts as a Foundation for an International Career

November 16, 2015, Todd Boruff

Marie Kissel

Marie Kissel ’83 traces much of her success back to one key point in her Notre Dame experience: going overseas to Tokyo as an undergraduate. “I’ve got this great job, I’m in a region that’s very exciting—that would not have happened without my opportunities at Notre Dame, especially through the study abroad programs,” she said. Kissel is now vice president for government affairs for Asia at Abbott Laboratories, a global pharmaceuticals and health care products company.

A Letter from the Chair

November 11, 2015, David Campbell

David Campbell

While research in political science is not necessarily like an episode of Law and Order and “ripped from the headlines,” as a field of study we do speak to contemporary issues. We go beyond the headlines to explain the politics of the world around us. But beyond the research they do, our faculty members are busy in other ways. My colleagues are teaching innovative undergraduate courses—from simulating civil wars, to having students develop their own public opinion surveys, to lobbying legislators at the Indiana state capital. They are mentoring graduate students in their cutting-edge research.