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Arts and Letters students research, travel, explore careers over fall break

December 22, 2016, Megan Valley

Even during fall break, College of Arts and Letters students were hard at work. They toured Latin America to perform sacred music. They gathered to collaborate on senior thesis projects and dissertations. And they traveled to major cities across the U.S. to explore career options and network with Notre Dame alumni.

Congratulations, Luis Fraga!

December 19, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Luis Fraga

Join us in congratulating Luis Fraga, co-director at the Institute for Latino Studies, on receiving the 2017 MPSA Latino/a Caucus's Distinguished Career Award. We are so proud and happy that he is being recognized in this way. 


Congratulations, Mike Desch!

December 14, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Mike Desch for the publication of his new edited volume "Public Intellectuals in Global Arena: Professors or Pundits?" (Notre Dame Press). The volume includes chapters by our very own Michael Zuckert, Patrick J. Deneen, and Vittorio Hösle, as well as numerous others in the department  and can be purchased here

Congratulations to Luis Schenoni!

December 06, 2016, Lacey Barroso

One of our graduate students, Luis Schenoni (along with three co-authors) has just published a piece in Latin American Politics and Society:"Chinese Economic Statecraft and US Hegemony in Latin America: An Empirical Analysis, 2003-2014." You can read the piece here

International experience and research prepare Notre Dame senior for career in counterterrorism

December 06, 2016, Megan Valley

Notre Dame senior Sienna Wdowik knows exactly the type of job she wants after graduation. Her two majors in the College of Arts and Letters and multiple international experiences, internships, and research projects will help her land it. “It’s really important to me to find a position where I can serve my country and use the knowledge that I have to do counterterrorism work,” she said. For Wdowik, majoring in political science and Arabic was the perfect way to prepare for that.

Summer Language Abroad program helps students prepare for future through immersive international experiences

December 06, 2016, Grace Guibert

Through intensive language coursework and daily interaction with native speakers, the Summer Language Abroad experience allows students to rapidly enhance their command of a foreign language—be it Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, or Swahili. About 60 participated in the 2016 SLA program through Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures.


Eileen Hunt Botting--New Publication!

November 22, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Dr. Botting recently published, "Mary Wollstonecraft, Children’s Human Rights, and Animal Ethics,” in Sandrine Berges and Alan Coffee, eds., The Social and Political Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), pp. 92-117.

It is available for viewing at Google books here

Video: Professor David Campbell on political involvement and civic engagement

November 01, 2016, Todd Boruff

David Campbell is the Packey J. Dee Professor of American Democracy and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. His research interests include American politics, civic engagement, political behavior, religion and politics, and education policy. In this video, he discusses his research on why people do—or, increasingly do not—get involved in politics.

Sarah Daly publishes new article and blog post at the Monkey Cage

October 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Sarah Daly has a newly published article and blog post at the Monkey Cage. The article is "Retrospective Causal Inference with Machine Learning Ensembles: An Application to Anti-recidivism Policies in Colombia," (with Cyrus Samil and Laura Paler), in Political Analysis:

Two new publications by Matthew E.K. Hall!

September 21, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Matt Hall, who has two new publications:

One is in the American Journal of Political Science, "Macro Implementation:
Testing the Causal Pathways from U.S. Macro Policy to Federal
Incarceration." You can find it here

Matt Hall presented Saturday Scholar Lecture. Full video included!

September 14, 2016, Lacey Barroso

U.S. Supreme Court justices are often viewed as rational actors who strategically pursue multiple goals, including policy influence, collegiality, and leisure. Yet these models rarely account for the possibility that justices with different personalities prioritize different goals. In this study, I use an automated textual analysis program to estimate “Big Five” personality scores for U.S. Supreme Court justices. I find that the justices’ personality traits are associated with a variety of judicial behaviors.

Video: Why Mallory Brown ’06 hires Arts and Letters majors at her global consulting firm

September 08, 2016, Todd Boruff

A political science major and a German minor in the College of Arts and Letters, Mallory Brown has spent her entire career with Egon Zehnder, a global management consulting and executive search firm, and is now based in its Berlin office. When hiring entry-level researchers, Brown said that she looks for students with a broad educational background. “I'm targeting Arts and Letters majors because I know they can write well, and they've also had exposure to a broad number of topics,” Brown said. “We deal with every industry, every function, and every geography, so the broader the type of candidate and the type of student we can interview, the better."

Video: John Phillips ’66, U.S. ambassador to Italy, on the many benefits of the liberal arts

September 08, 2016, Todd Boruff

“A liberal arts education gives you really good foundation,” said John Phillips ’66, a College of Arts and Letters alumnus who majored in government and international studies. President Barack Obama appointed him ambassador to Italy in 2013. Phillips is the president’s personal representative in Italy and is responsible for managing a wide range of diplomatic issues, including military, commerce, immigration, and foreign policy matters.

New publication by Luc Reydams

August 05, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Professor Reydams has published "NGO Justice: African Rights as Pseudo-Protector of the Rwandan Genocide" in Human Rights Quarterly. The article can be found here. …

New publication by Vincent Phillip Munoz

August 05, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Professor Munoz published "Two Concepts of Religious Liberty: The Natural Rights and Moral Autonomy Approaches to the Free Exercise of Religion" in the American Political Science Review. The article can be found here. …

Christina Wolbrecht publishes new book!

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Christina Wolbrecht, whose latest book has recently been published. "Counting Women's Ballots: Female Voters from Suffrage through the New Deal" (with Kevin Corder, Cambridge U Press) can be ordered here

Three questions with political scientist Christina Wolbrecht

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

View the full article about Professor Wolbrecht here. …

New publication from Catherine Zuckert

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Catherine Zuckert for her most recent publication, "The Saving Minimum? Tocqueville on the Role of Religion in America--Then and Now" in American Political Thought, Summer 2016 (Volume 5, Issue 3). …

Mikaila Leyva wins APSA Minority Fellowship

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations, Mikaila! More information can be found at 

"The American Political Science Association (APSA) is pleased to announce that Mikaila Leyva, a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, has been named as a 2016-2017 APSA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Fellow, spring cycle.…

Varieties of Democracy wins prize from APSA

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Varieties of Democracy has received a prize for "Best Dataset" from the Comparative Politics section of the APSA. Professor Michael Coppedge is listed among the many winners. Congratulations, Professor Coppedge! …

Richard Price awarded fellowship

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Graduate student Richard Price received a Warren Miller fellowship to attend ICPSR this summer. Congratulations, Richard! …

Jeremy Graham receives scholarship

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Jeremy Graham, who just finished his first year in the Political Science PhD program, has won a Clifford C. Clogg scholarship from ICPSR to support his attendance at the program. Congratulations, Jeremy!…

New article from Matt Hall

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Matt Hall has published a solo-authored piece in Perspectives on Politics, "Judicial Review as a Limit on Government Domination: Reframing, Resolving, and Replacing the (Counter) Majoritarian Difficulty. The full article can be found here

New publication by Phillip Munoz and Kevin Vance

August 03, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Vincent Phillip Munoz and Kevin Vance, a Political Science graduate student, have published "How the Founders Agreed about Religious Freedom but Disagreed about the Separation of Church and State," in The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S., ed, Barbara A. McGraw (John Wiley & Sons, 2016).…

New Publication by Chris Weaver and Geoff Layman

May 24, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Congratulations to Chris Weaver and Geoff Layman, who have just published "Religion and Secularism among American Party Activists" in the journal Politics and Religion. You can read the article here. …

New Publication by Matt Hall

May 16, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Matt Hall and Jason Windett have a new piece in American Politics Research: "Discouraging Dissent: The Chief Judge's Influence in State Supreme Courts."
The whole article can be read here

Political science, peace studies associate professor wins grant to study war's hidden costs

May 10, 2016, Renée LaReau

Tanisha Fazal

Tanisha Fazal, associate professor of political science and peace studies, has been awarded a research grant from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation to investigate the human and financial costs of war. Those costs are escalating, she says, despite a reduced fatality count.

Abby Davis named 2016 valedictorian; Stephen Schafer chosen as salutatorian

May 03, 2016, Sue Ryan

Abby Davis, 2016 Valedictorian

Abby Davis, a political science major from Avon Lake, Ohio, has been named valedictorian of the 2016 University of Notre Dame graduating class and will present the valedictory address during the 171st University Commencement Ceremony on May 15 (Sunday) at Notre Dame Stadium.

New Publication by Luc Reydams

April 27, 2016, Lacey Barroso

Luc Reydam wrote a report for the European Parliament that has just been published. It can be found here. …

Notre Dame Day 2016

April 22, 2016, Lacey Barroso


Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires people to take action and give back. Notre Dame Day is a chance to celebrate and give to what you love most about the University!…