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Political Science Alumna Translates Service Experience to Career at Facebook

January 28, 2016, Brian Wallheimer

Kaitlin Sullivan

Before the rigors of post-college life set in—before mortgages, family, a career, and all the other responsibilities that come with setting off into the world—Kaitlin Sullivan ’10 wanted to devote at least one year of her life to service. Sullivan remembers talking with professors and fellow students at Notre Dame about how the purpose of their education wasn’t just learning for the sake of learning, but to help them to go out and do good in the world. It’s a perspective she carried into her service experience—and in her professional career as a product policy manager for Facebook.

New Political Science Faculty Expand Department’s International Profile

January 28, 2016, Tom Lange

Karrie Koesel and Susanne Wengle

As students read news about China’s turbulent economy or about Russia flexing political muscle, two new professors in Notre Dame’s Department of Political Science can provide them with context about what’s happening. Associate Professor Karrie Koesel and Assistant Professor Susanne Wengle have both lived in Russia and studied its culture and politics for years. Koesel has also worked and researched in China. The two new faculty members expand the breadth of Notre Dame’s international research and scholarship in political science.