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New article by Graduate Student Luis Schenoni

November 20, 2017, Luis Schenoni

Congratulations to Graduate Student Luis Schenoni for his article, "Of words and deeds: Latin American declaratory regionalism, 1994–2014" published in the Cambridge Review of International Affairs. His two co-authors,Nicole Jenne and Francisco Urdinez, are Assistant Professors at the Catholic University of Chile.

Connection, political science, and climate change: A Q&A with Associate Professor Debra Javeline

November 17, 2017, Tom Springer

Debra Javeline, associate professor in the Department of Political Science and affiliated faculty member of the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative, applies her knowledge to the “responses of ordinary people to hardship.” She spoke about her perspective in this Q&A session with ND-ECI.

Political scientist examines global impact of leaders on Communist Party

November 13, 2017, Brittany Collins Kaufman

In Vanguard of the Revolution: The Global Idea of the Communist Party (Princeton University Press, 2017), author A. James McAdams seeks to understand how such a significant institution could be so different from country to country and still flourish. To find the answer, McAdams traveled to every location with a history of communism to research this book, including China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.