Students Talk Security Podcast Series (2017-2018)

September 21, 2017


Given the recent escalation of missile tests, Mackenzie Nolan and Mr. Jae Woong Lee will speak about the dire situation with North Korea. Specifically, this talk will cover the Six Party talks, the 1994 Agreed framework, the international implications and possible solutions for moving forward.

Mr. Jae Woong Lee is a diplomat of the Republic of Korea and a visiting fellow at the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian studies. He has spent extensive time working on multilateral cooperation and will return to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to serve as a career diplomat after his time here.



September 28, 2017

Madeleine O'Mara - A Restrained View of Current Events

Madeleine O’Mara speaks to Professor Gholz about how a restrained grand strategy would be in the national interest.
Maddie O Mara


October 9, 2017

Alex Yom - The Crisis in Myanmar


Given the recent Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar, Alex Yom and Susan Ostermann discuss how the formation of the Rohingya crisis, the greater geopolitical effects that the crisis has on regional powers in Asia such as India and China, and possible next steps for the United Nations and the United States.

Susan Ostermann is Assistant Professor of Global Affairs at the Keough School of Global Affairs, with expertise in regulatory compliance and comparative politics in South Asia.
Alex Yom


November 2, 2017

Nicolas Marr: The​ Underestimated Role of Sport during the Cold War

An interview with Professor John Soares by Nicholas Marr

Bringing a ​historical perspective to the international security discussion,​ ​John Soares offers insight into the​ underestimated role of sport, particularly hockey, during the Cold War.​ Nick and Prof. Soares​ also​ look at ​the successes and failures of U.S. deterrence strategy during the Cold War and ​accordingly, ​considerations ​that​ should guide ​future ​decision-making on the appropriate application of deterrence.
Nicholas Marr



Erin Hayes - Treasury Versus Terrorism

November 9, 2017

An interview with Jimmy Gurulé by Erin Hayes

In this episode, we will discuss the need for dynamic strategies in countering terrorism financing. We will also address recent updates regarding Iran, and the role that the Department of the Treasury plays in these issues.
Erin Hayes


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