02/20/2017 - Notre Dame International Security Center begins significant expansion with new hires, paper series, and conference planning


The first pieces in the expansion of the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC) are in place, as the once-small program builds toward its long-term goal as a thought leader in American grand strategy.



11/03/2016 Watch Michael Desch talk about U.S. Policy Toward Russia at the Atlantic Council on C-SPAN2



Journalists, academics, and former federal officials talked about how the 2016 presidential election could influence U.S. policy toward Russia. General Philip Breedlove, former NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, also delivered remarks.


7/28/16  Read Michael Desch's commentary on CNBC: Trump’s invitation for Russian espionage is part of a bigger pattern

Desch Copy


Not everything Donald Trump says is crazy, particularly when it comes to criticizing America's hyperactive foreign policy of the last 25 years. But he has a way of burying his important points in a welter of ill-considered comments on other issues... Read the article



7/27/16  Watch The National Interest's Interview with Michael Desch


Was Sam Huntington proven right? Will Donald Trump's new directions in foreign-policy rhetoric help or hurt the cause of realism? How interventionist might a Hillary Clinton presidency's foreign policy be? The National Interest editor Jacob Heilbrunn speaks to Notre Dame international relations scholar Michael Desch on these and other topics in a Facebook Live interview.


6/20/16 Congratulations to Tanisha Fazal



Congratulations to Tanisha Fazal for being appointed an adjunct scholar at West Point's new Modern War Institiute!



6/17/16 The Case Against Peace by Stephen Walt

Desch Ndisp


Walt writes, "I wish I could claim this was my original idea, but this explanation for our present divisions has been around for quite a while. Indeed, 20 years ago, political scientist Michael Desch published a fascinating article in the academic journal International Organization, titled “War and Strong States, Peace and Weak States?” Drawing on the earlier work of Max Weber, Otto Hintze, George Simmel, Charles Tilly, Lewis Coser, and others, Desch argued that war..." Read the article


6/2/2016 ABC's WJLA features Desch on Response to Clinton's Foreign Policy Speech

By Amanda Ota

Desch Copy


"We're sort of racing to the bottom," Desch said. With both candidates seeing tanking approval ratings over their shoulders, they're trying to bring the other persons ratings lower than their own. "I would like to see more of a fact and logic debate about different approaches for dealing with the real problem which I think ISIS constitutes," Desch said. Read more...


6/1/2016 Inaugural Emerging Scholars Conference


Emerging Scholars2

The Notre Dame International Security Center is very excited to share our successful inaugural Emerging Scholars in Grand Strategy Conference.

Hosted by Sebastian Rosato, the first conference showcased the work of outstanding early career scholars working on grand strategy, broadly defined.


4/28/2016  Michael Desch: US News Opinion Article on Trump's Foreign Policy


Michael Desch

The camel is an animal famously said to have been built by a committee. The same could be said of Donald Trump's much-anticipated foreign policy speech for the Center for the National Interest, one of the few remaining bastions of foreign policy prudence inside the Beltway after the last quarter century of bipartisan global hyperactivism.

Read the full article here.



4/16/2016  Tanisha Fazal: The 2016 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation                                  Recipient 



International Security Center's, Tanisha Fazal, is a recipient of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation grant.  Her achievement has been publicly recognized in the New York Times newspaper on Saturday, April 16, 2016. For more information, please visit the Kroc Institute's article.

Tanisha's work focuses on military medicine and the changing costs of war.