Harrison Greenleaf

Harrison Greenleaf

Fields of Study: International Relations, Comparative Politics



Areas of Interest: International Security, Alliance Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy

Harrison Greenleaf is a first-year PhD student specializing in International Relations at the University of Notre Dame. Within the field of International Relations, his research interests focus on international security, alliance politics, and U.S. Foreign Policy—particularly in Europe and the Middle East. At Notre Dame, he plans to focus on US bilateral and multilateral security alliances, with a specific emphasis on comparing how the US leverages NATO and Saudi Arabia alliances to pursue its broader security agenda.

Prior to studying at Notre Dame, Harrison received a B.A. in International Relations and Political Theory from Michigan State University. There, he wrote a senior thesis on the history of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian alliance. He also studied abroad at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Brussels, Belgium.