Laura Neftaly López-Pérez

Laura Neftaly López-Pérez

Fields of Study: Comparative Politics, Methodology


Areas of Interest: Political and criminal violence, contentious politics, mixed methods

Laura Neftaly López is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. 

Laura received her BA in Communication Studies from ITESO University and a MA in Social Sciences from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Mexico). Her research examines the intersection of political and criminal violence, impunity, and contentious politics in Latin America, especially in Mexico. 

Laura’s MA dissertation analyzes the civil demands circumscribed in the religious ceremonies of a group of family members of disappeared persons in Coahuila, Mexico. She has presented the findings in this research at number conferences and publications.

At Notre Dame, Laura wants to conduct further research on the collective action of victims of criminal violence, specifically on the groups of families of disappeared persons.

Previously, Laura has collaborated as a junior researcher in the Laboratory of Quantitative Methods in FLACSO Mexico and has instructed workshops on statistics and quantitative methods. At Notre Dame, Laura wants to further delve into the design of mixed methods.