Devoe 1000Political science major Sydney DeVoe as an intern on the set of Fox 5 News in New York City.

Internships give students hands-on experience in an occupational field through monitored work or service.  Along with volunteer work, summer service projects, research, summer jobs, and study abroad, they provide invaluable experiential learning and tools for career development.  

Internships may be paid or unpaid, for the summer or a semester, part of a large established program or crafted by or for an individual. Political Science majors have access to a wide array of funding opportunities to help defray internship expenses.

Students who pursue internships and other experiential learning opportunities can often build those experiences into senior thesis research projects.  

Summer Internships

“I want to work in the political field and I’m really interested in the Irish political peace process, so this internship hits my interests really well."  —Patrick Valencia, Political Science Major

Finding an internship can take several weeks, so begin your search early. Application deadlines for organizations such as the State Department, the FBI and the like, can be as early as October 1.

To qualify for academic credit, summer internships must be at least 6 weeks in duration, provide a minimum of 120 hours of work and be pre-approved. Credit will not be given retroactively. Contact Carolina Arroyo at to apply for the Summer Internship course. Students are not required to pay tuition for this summer course!

Fall and Spring Semester Internships

To intern during the academic year, students must be able to work on two different days of the week for a minimum of 6 hours per week, typically between 8:00 to 5:00. It is essential to factor in commute times when reviewing your availability schedule.

Ethical Internship Search

Apply only to one internship at a time and only if you intend to accept. Students who accept an offer and then renege will not be allowed to apply for a different internship in the same semester and will not be eligible for summer internship funding. Accepting an internship in this program and not registering for credit but instead proceeding as a volunteer will be considered dishonest and a violation of the standards of conduct as stated in du Lac.

Getting Started

  • Apply early! The application process can take 2-3 weeks, and most local internship providers accept  only 1 or 2 interns per semester.
  • To apply you will need the application, your resume, and a statement of interest.
  • All internships during the fall, spring, or summer are worth 1 elective credit and do not count for the Political Science major.