Students who intern during their undergraduate years are better prepared for job interviews, have references from the business world, have explored possible careers, and are more competitive when applying for jobs. 

We encourage you to enhance your academic career by interning during the academic year or during the summer.  If you want business experience, if you are considering a career in non-profits,public policy, consulting, and more,  consider interning during the academic year. Internships are open to all majors.

Internships provide opportunities to

·        practice your interviewing skills

·        apply your academic skills in the workplace 

·        explore careers

·        meet professionals in your field of interest

·        gain valid work experience before graduating

Why Intern? 

"My summer (2013) internship with the National Endowment for Democracy has been a phenomenal opportunity. I've been able to explore ways of supporting democratization as a career, develop professional skills that have made me a better writer, researcher and diplomat, met people from a variety of backgrounds and organizations, and had incredible experiences which will stick with me for the rest of my life. This internship has been a transformative experience that will shape the path I take upon returning to Notre Dame and after entering the professional world."  Tom McGuire, Downes Grant recipient

"Internships were critical to finding and really enjoying my first job and I encourage every student I know to experience working through internships."  Mark Hayes '03

"Through this (summer 2013 internship), I became much more confident in crowded professional situations. Also, my research skills developed exponentially." Katherine Dold, Class of 2016