Geoffrey C. Layman

Geoffrey C. Layman

Professor and Department Chair

Fields of Study: American Politics, Methodology

Research and Teaching Interests: American Politics, Political Parties, Public opinion, Voting Behavior, Religion and Politics, Research Methods

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

2084 Jenkins Nanovic Halls



Geoff Layman serves as the chair of the Department of Political Science. His research focuses on political behavior, political parties, and religion and politics, with a particular emphasis on long-term changes in the parties and their electoral coalitions. The primary focus of his current research is long-term change in the parties’ activist bases and its implications for American political polarization. His most recent book (with David Campbell and John Green) is Secular Surge: A New Fault Line in American Politics (Cambridge, 2021). He also is the author of The Great Divide: Religious and Cultural Conflict in American Party Politics (Columbia, 2001) and has published numerous articles in the discipline's leading journals, including the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, and the Annual Review of Political Science