Brian Fogarty

Political Scientist Receives NSF RAPID Grant to Research Prevalence of Public Belief in Voter Fraud

Brian Fogarty, director of Notre Dame’s Center for Social Science Research, has received a Rapid Response Research (RAPID) grant from the National Science Foundation to study the prevalence of belief in voter fraud and to identify ways of restoring confidence in U.S. elections.
Pic For Secular Surge Release Feature

A New Secular Left is Emerging and Could Present Challenges for Biden Administration

The United States is experiencing a secular surge. The largest “religious” group in the country is people with no religious affiliation — a stunning change, given that the U.S. has historically been a highly religious nation.

Having Coffee with Dianne Pinderhughes

Dianne Pinderhughes has been observing protests and marches for racial and social justice since her childhood in segregated Washington, D.C., where residents of the majority Black city didn’t have the right to vote in presidential elections until after passage of the Twenty-Third Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1961.

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Feb 26

Friday Feb 26, 2021

Walk the Walk Week

Location: virtual via Zoom

Walk the Walk Week is a week-long series of University and department sponsored events designed to help each of us consider the steps we might take individually and collectively to make Notre Dame, our communities, and our nation more welcoming and inclusive.  

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Mar 5

Friday Mar 5, 2021

Literatures in Translation: A Reading & Conversation


Location: Virtual Event

Literature Copy

Literatures of Annihilation, Exile & Resistance: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Global Middle East and North Africa 

is a bi-annual symposium and lecture series that focuses on the study of literatures that have been shaped by histories of territorial and linguistic politics, colonialism, military domination and gross human rights violations.

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