Christina Wolbrecht

Wolbrecht Receives American Political Science Association Grant to Broaden Impact of Organization Promoting Expertise of Female Scholars

Christina Wolbrecht, a professor of political science and director of the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, has been awarded a Centennial Center Special Projects Fund grant from the American Political Science Association.
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Fall Undergraduate & Graduate Program Advising

Advising information for the Political Science Undergraduate & Graduate Programs for Fall 2020
Bridging The Divide Feature

Notre Dame Speaker Series to Focus on Civil Conversations Ahead of the Presidential Election

A new University of Notre Dame virtual event series will aim to promote understanding and civil dialogue ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

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Oct 19

Monday Oct 19, 2020

Latino Studies Graduate Working Group Meeting


Location: Zoom Meeting

Solano Opt

The Graduate Working Group convenes young scholars from multiple disciplines to share their research, address issues affecting Latino communities, and develop a national professional network in a growing field of experts.

All graduate students on the ND campus are invited to respond to and/or share papers they are developing on topics relating to U.S. based Latino communities.…

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Oct 19

Monday Oct 19, 2020

The 19th Amendment and the Myth that All Women Vote the Same


Location: Virtual

In August 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made it illegal to prevent people from voting based on their sex, enfranchising millions of women around the country. But its protections were not applied equally. Two leading Notre Dame political scientists will discuss what the 19th Amendment did and did not do, the role women have played in the elections of the past 100 years, and the myth of the homogenous “woman voter.”…

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Oct 21

Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

The US Presidential Election and Asia Policy


Location: Virtual

Elections influence foreign policy, either by reinforcing the current trajectory or prompting course corrections by a new administration. Beijing's intimidation in Hong Kong, along the Indian border, in the South China Sea, and towards Taiwan have helped accelerate a rapid deterioration in relations with its neighbors. As Washington has pushed back against Beijing, Asian capitals from New Delhi to Hanoi to Taipei are becoming increasingly receptive to a stronger US presence in the region. Meanwhile, calls for economic “decoupling” between the US and China have catalyzed the shift of production supply lines from China into other Asian countries. To discuss these and other pressing questions related to US Asia policy in the wake of the US presidential election this November, the Kellogg Institute and the New York University Center for Global Affairs will host a panel of distinguished scholars including:…

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