Sep 29

Friday Sep 29, 2023

Criminalizing Reproduction virtual panel


Location: ZOOM

What happens when pregnancy, miscarriage, contraception, and abortion are treated as crimes?

This moderated virtual panel brings together scholars in the fields of medicine, law, and women's and gender studies to discuss the criminalization of pregnancy and reproduction. Our panel of academic experts will discuss new and historical patterns of punishing people for their reproduction. This discussion contextualizes the ways that racism, sexism, and ableism have shaped reproductive policing over time and examines the new threats ahead now that abortion access has been banned in several states.…

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Oct 2

Monday Oct 2, 2023

Pyar Seth: "The Death-Bound Subject: Transnational Problem Construction & the Case of Excited Delirium"


Location: 125 DeBartolo Hall

Pyar Seth is a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a dual degree in Anthropology and Political Science. He is also a Visiting Research Scholar at King's College London. Broadly, he studies Black cultural thought, policing and medicalization, and the epistemic organization of health, disease, and risk.

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Oct 2

Monday Oct 2, 2023

Washington Program Information Reception


Location: The Morris Inn - Hesburgh/Joyce Dining Room

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The University of Notre Dame Washington Program offers students the ability to study off-campus, becoming immersed in the political and cultural life of Washington DC. Students can participate in fall, spring or summer. Regardless of when students go, they experience big city living and culture and have a unique opportunity to gain work experience and engage in career discernment. Returning students rave about the Washington Program being one of Notre Dame's best kept secrets!…

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Oct 6

Friday Oct 6, 2023

Does Legislative Capacity Improve Quality of Life?


Location: 1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Jeff Harden

Concurrent Associate Professor, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics
and Statistics


Jeff Harden specializes in American politics and political methodology. His research agenda in American politics focuses on political representation, public policy diffusion, and state politics. His methodology interests include the interpretation and communication of statistical models, network inference, and simulation. His most recent book is The Illusion of Accountability: Transparency and Representation in American Legislatures (Cambridge, 2022). He has also published articles in several journals, including the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, and British Journal of Political Science.…

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