Political Theory Colloquium

2023-2024 Schedule

Faculty organizer, Professor Eileen M. Hunt

Graduate student assistant, Shasta Kaul

The Political Theory Colloquium, the Niemeyer Lectures in Political Theory, and the Notre Dame Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies are open to all students, faculty, and the public.

All are welcome to join us for each session. 

If you would like to be added to the email list for Political Theory Colloquium, please contact Shasta Kaul at skaul2@nd.edu. Papers will be circulated by email prior to each colloquium. Please RSVP to Shasta Kaul if you plan to attend the free lunch before each colloquium. 

The format of the Colloquium is lunch from noon-12:30, followed by a short talk by the guest speaker, and then attendees’ robust engagement of the speaker’s pre-circulated paper until 2pm.

  • Friday, August 25
    • Amy Gais (Washington University in St. Louis, Humanities and Political Science)
    • Noon, B101 JNH
  • Friday, October 6
    • Alex Oprea (University of Buffalo, Philosophy)
    • Noon, B101 JNH
  • Friday, November 17
    • Jill Locke (Gustavus Adolphus, Political Science)
    • Noon, B044 JNH
  • Friday, December 1
    • Amy Shuffelton (Loyola Chicago, Philosophy)
    • Noon, B101 JNH
  • Friday, February 23
    • Jeremy Bailey (Oklahoma, Classics and Letters)
    • Noon, 1030 JNH
  • Friday, March 22
    • Book Manuscript Workshop for Sam Piccolo (Gustavus Adolphus, Political Science)
  • Friday, May 3
    • Notre Dame Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies. All day, panel times TBD, with one at our regular Colloquium time of noon-2pm.
    • 1030 JNH