Kjersti Hansen

Fields of Study: International Relations


Kjersti has a BA from Boston College and an MA from Villanova University in Political Science. Her research interests cluster around questions of supranational governance in the global economy, the compatibility of democratization and marketization reforms in emerging markets, and the ethics of humanitarian interventions. Her MA thesis, “The Compliance Puzzle: Why EU Member States Fail to Implement Internal Market Law,” compares where and how EU member states are most (and least) likely to comply with EU regulations. She has also conducted research on the sequencing of policy reforms in emerging markets, such as Poland and Russia. In graduate school, Kjersti’s research agenda falls into two tracks. One is to study the causal relationship between policy reforms in emerging markets, including the ability of emerging markets to attract FDI in the face of crises at home and abroad. The other is the ethics of military humanitarian interventions and international humanitarian law.