Department Journals

Journals edited within the Department of Political Science

Latin American Research Review

Edited by Anibal Perez-Linan
The Latin American Research Review (LARR) publishes original research and review essays on Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latina/Latino studies. LARR covers the social sciences and the humanities, including the fields of anthropology, economics, history, literature and cultural studies, political science, and sociology. The journal reviews and publishes papers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. All papers, except for book and documentary film review essays, are subject to double-blind peer review. LARR, the academic journal of the Latin American Studies Association, has been in continuous publication since 1965.

Political Behavior 

Edited by Geoff Layman and Ben Radcliff
Political Behavior publishes original research in the general fields of political behavior, institutions, processes, and policies. Coverage focuses on conventional and unconventional political behavior of individuals or small groups, and of large organizations that participate in the political process such as parties, interest groups, political action committees, governmental agencies, and mass media.

The Review of Politics

Edited by Ruth Abbey
Book Review Editor: Mary Keys
The Review of Politics publishes articles primarily on political theory. They also publish historical and interpretive studies of public law, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy, as well as political readings of literary works.

Review of Social Economy 

Edited by Amitava Dutt
The Review of Social Economy aims to promote interdisciplinary perspectives on economic behavior, institutions and outcomes at both micro and systemic levels, and to strengthen the connections between economics and related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, including philosophy, political science, and sociology.