Africana Studies Professor and IRR Fellow Bernard Forjwuor's new book published in Oxford University Press

Author: Staff

Join the Initiative on Race and Resilience in congratulating Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Bernard Forjwuor on the publication of his first book:  Critique of Political Decolonization  in the Oxford University Press! 

Critique of Political Decolonization  tackles questions of colonialism, political independence, political decolonization, justice, and freedom. It rejects the notion that formal colonialism is over and challenges what, in normative scholarship, has become a persistent conflation of two different concepts: political decolonization and political independence. This volume is an antinormative and critical refutation of the decolonial accomplishment of political independence or self-determination in Ghana.  Forjwuor offers new methodological, theoretical, and conceptual approaches to engaging with these ideas, and bridges the gaps between traditional disciplinary fields of inquiry (politics, history, law, African studies, economic history, critical theory, and philosophy). Using a case study of the Ghanaian experience, Forjwuor rethinks the meanings of colonialism and decolonialism, and asserts that decolonization is a question of justice before all else. 

Bernard Forjwuor is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and concurrent Assistant Professor of Political Science. He is also a faculty fellow with the Initiative on Race and Resilience, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and the Klau Istitute for Civil and Human rights. He is a political theorist and philosopher with research interests in Black political thought, African political thought/philosophy, critical theories of race and colonialism, postcolonial theory, decolonial theories, and contemporary political theory. 

Originally published by Staff at on September 07, 2023.