NDISC's Michael Desch Named to Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on U.S.-China Relations

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

Notre Dame International Security Center Director Michael Desch has been named to a New York Council on Foreign Relations study group on “The U.S. Pivot to Asia and American Grand Strategy.” He will join other top experts from the public and private sectors to discuss the conceptual origins of the pivot; the pivot and U.S. vital national interests; its effects over the last decade on Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; its impact on U.S. defense policy, intelligence assets, and economic statecraft; and the proper distribution of U.S. national security resources in the period ahead.  

Meeting over the course of six monthly sessions beginning on Monday, October 11, 2021, the study group will be co-chaired by  Amb. Robert D. Blackwill, Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations and Richard H. Fontaine Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security.  The Council on Foreign Relations regularly sponsors Independent Task Forces and study groups to assess vital U.S. foreign policy issues.  Consisting of individuals from a variety of professions and perspectives, Task Force and study group members work to reach meaningful consensus across partisan lines on issues facing America and the world. 

Originally published by Notre Dame International Security Center at ndisc.nd.edu on October 13, 2021.