What are Top International Security Jobs?

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

What can you do with a political science degree specializing in international security? Many college students are often unsure of what careers are available for those who earn degrees in political science or believe that they are only applicable for government jobs. With a political science degree, though, there is a wide range of career paths possible including international security jobs. Here is a look at just a few of the many positions international security scholars can pursue:


National Security Lawyer 

Many lawyers can benefit from having a background in political science and international security. A political science degree can offer insights into legislative and political policies. Lawyers with this background are also better suited to work with governments and lobbyists. This career path does require specific education within law school beyond a political science degree. 


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One of the many governmental positions that look for backgrounds in political science is diplomats. While often requiring Master’s Degrees, diplomats need to understand both their home country and the country they are stationed in. Diplomats are essential for maintaining relations between countries.  


Intelligence Analyst 

Writing and briefing are incredibly valuable skills for people working in the intelligence Community. IAs must be able to combine knowledge of international relations and developments in other countries with the ability write professional, well-thought intelligence analyses and brief them to senior policymakers. Political science majors learn these skills and many more.  


Foreign Policy Analyst 

While there are many levels of work within foreign policy, they are all important both in times of war and in times of peace. The primary institutions in US Federal Government are the CIA, National Security Council, and the departments of State and Defense, but both Houses of Congress also have committees on foreign policies; at the state level, foreign policy is also important. 


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Defense Policy Analyst 

Defense policy analysts work in the Pentagon and Congress to manage and advocate for or against legislative policies affecting the Defense Department. A defense policy analyst must know the process of drafting and passing legislation. This career option lines up the most with what political science majors do while in school. 


International Correspondent 

Many news outlets are looking for journalists who are versed in international security affairs. Someone who can explain international security clearly is a great asset for any news station.  



These are just some of the many jobs that a person with a political science degree can apply for. The Notre Dame International Security Center takes immense pride in helping to prepare the next generation of political science majors and helping our alumni land desirable and gratifying internships and jobs in the intelligence community. Apply for our certificate program today to help you prepare for a career in international politics.  

Originally published by Notre Dame International Security Center at ndisc.nd.edu on February 11, 2022.