Foreign Policy Questions We Hope the U.S. Presidential Candidates Will Be Asked


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium


Andrew Bacevich, foreign policy analyst and visiting scholar at the Kroc Institute

Alexandra Guisinger, political scientist and specialist in international relations, crisis diplomacy, and political economy

George A. Lopez, scholar of peace and conflict and international policy expert at the Kroc Institute

Students and faculty in the audience (YOU!)

This panel discussion takes place the same evening as the third and final presidential debate, which focuses on foreign policy issues. To begin, Professors Bacevich, Guisinger, and Lopez will offer brief opening remarks.

Bacevich will challenge the belief in American exceptionalism and stress the limits of military power. Guisinger will comment on global economic challenges and the Eurozone crisis. Lopez will address multilateral policy challenges in Syria and Iran.

Following this, the floor will be open to student, faculty, and community questions and comments.

Please note: This event takes place immediately following fall break, on the first day back to class. Mark your calendar now!

Free and open to the public