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Security and Privacy: a View from the trenches

General Keith B. Alexander, Commander, US Cyber Command, and Director, National Security Agency

2013 was a pivotal year for the national debate on American security and privacy. The enormous disclosure of classified data and subsequent congressional testimony on the extent and nature of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs have reignited tension within the US government, media, and general public. To date, federal court rulings on US intelligence practices remain divided—and the public even more divided. In this high-stakes technological era, how can America balance its national security priorities while respecting individual liberties?

General Keith B. Alexander is the Commander of US Cyber Command, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), and Chief of the Central Security Service (CSS). As the Commander of US Cyber Command, he is responsible for planning, coordinating, and conducting operations and defense of the Department of Defense’s computer networks, as directed by US Strategic Command. As the Director of NSA and Chief of CSS, he is responsible for a Department of Defense agency with national foreign intelligence, combat support, and US national security information system protection responsibilities. His previous assignments include Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence in the Department of the Army, Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command at Fort Belvoir, and Director of Intelligence at US Central Command, among other posts. His badges include the Senior Parachutist Badge, the Army Staff Identification Badge, and the Joint Chief of Staff Identification Badge. General Alexander holds a BS from the US Military Academy, MS from Boston University, MS from the Naval Postgraduate School, and an MS from the National War College.

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Additional panel discussions for those who choose to attend will continue following lunch at no cost.


Panel #1: Framing the Discussion: [Professor Robert Bernhard, Vice President for Research, University of Notre Dame, Chair]


a)       What are the larger philosophic issues that should inform the debate? Tom Sorell,

b)       University of Warwick [confirmed].

c)       How have changes in technology complicated the old balance? Gus Hunt, Former Chief Information Officer, US Central Intelligence Agency [confirmed]. 

d)       What do policymakers want from the intelligence community? Ambassador Ivo Daalder, Professor William Inboden, Clements Center, UT-Austin [confirmed].

e)       What are the equities of telecommunications industry in this debate?  [TBA]


Panel #2: Issues to Be Decided: [Professor Patricia Bellia, University of Notre Dame Law School, Chair]


a)       How Can We Enhance Both Security and Privacy?  Bobby Chesney, UT-Austin School of Law [confirmed].

b)       What is the appropriate role of the media in this debate? Lt Gen Bernard L. Trainor, The New York Times [confirmed].

c)       ]What is the role of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court? Judge James Carr [confirmed].

d)       How much does our current legal and regulatory framework really need to change?  Steven Bradbury, Former Assistant Attorney General for National Security [confirmed].


Keynote #2: TBA.


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