Conference: "The Collaborative Study of Race in the Americas"

Location: University of Notre Dame campus

Part of the second generation of the Race and Democracy Project, this working conference, organized by faculty fellow Dianne Pinderhughes, addresses the capacity for routine democratic participation in governance and public life by populations of African descent in North and South America, and in the Caribbean. The interdisciplinary conference will gather scholars to discuss how populations of African descent can engage in voting, electing public officials to office, both descriptively and substantively, and how they can encourage routine recognition of their groups’ interest in and by the public sector.

Keynote speakers will include:
David Covin, California State University, Sacramento
Lorrie Frasure-Yokley, University of California, Los Angeles
Gladys Mitchell-Walthour, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
K.C. Morrison, University of Delaware

All participants are asked to respond to this brief questionnaire. To find more information click here.

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