Kroc-Kellogg Peace, Conflict, Crime and Violence Workshop


Location: Virtual Event

Kroc Kellogg

“Market Structure and Extortion: Evidence from 50,000 Extortion Payments” (coauthored with Zach Brown, Eduardo Montero and María Micaela Sviatschi)

Carlos Schmidt-Padilla (University of California - Berkeley)

Open to Ph.D. students, fellows, and faculty who are interested in civil war, violence, crime, peace, conflict management, and conflict resolution. The workshop is an informal gathering to discuss work-in-progress, dissertation chapters and proposals, practice conference talks, etc.

The workshop format assumes that participants come to the workshop having read the paper. A discussant will start the discussion with 5-10 minutes of comments, then the floor is open.

Discussant:  Jake Turner
password: kkpccvw

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