Noam Chomsky and Student Activism From the 60s to Today


Location: 104 Bond Hall

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From the beginning of the anti-war movement to today, student activism has played a crucial role in keeping the hope of radical politics alive. Noam Chomsky, in addition to revolutionizing the field of linguistics, has been part and parcel of this activism from its very inception through his tireless critique of American imperialism and participation in countless teach-ins and demonstrations.

The Program of Liberal Studies at Notre Dame is proud to announce that Dr. Chomsky will be joining us this Friday, November 18th at 4:00pm for a live, student-led Zoom discussion hosted in the Bond Hall Auditorium (Room 104), with a focus on two of his articles written during the late sixties heydey of student activism: The Responsibility of Intellectuals and In Defense of the Student Movement.