Notre Dame Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies

Location: 1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Please find the final schedule below. 

8:30–9:00am Breakfast and Welcome

9:00–9:50am Session I – “Hands of the Body: Aristotle’s Account of the Relationship between the Family and Political Community,” Carol Kowara, University of Chicago

10:10–11:00am Session II – “A Meteor Amidst the Ruins: Nietzsche on Decadence," Mathis Bitton, Harvard University

11:20am–12:10pm Session III – “Fugitive Sovereignty: On the Specter of Schmitt in Wolin’s Theory of Democracy,” Quanxin Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

12:15–1:45pm Lunch and Keynote Address – “The Liberalism of Refuge,” Dr. Bryan Garsten, Yale University

2:00–2:50pm Session IV – “The Chief Magistrate: Executive Power in Light of Hebraic Republicanism,” Daniel Slate, Stanford University

3:10–4:00pm Session V – “The Constitution Before the Court: Alternatives to ‘Juristocracy’ in the Era of the American Founding,” Angus Brown, University of Cambridge