NDISC Undergraduate Fellows Program

Political Science majors are encouraged to apply for the Notre Dame International Security Center's NDISC Undergraduate Fellows Program. Those selected for this competitive program gain access to specialized courses, research support, internship funding, and dedicated mentoring by accomplished thought leaders in the field.

NDISC seeks to educate exceptional undergraduate students in the area of international security, broadly defined. The foundation of the International Security Studies Undergraduate Fellows Program focuses on bridging the policy-scholarly gap.

Upon completion of one of NDISC's International Security Studies programs, undergraduate students will be well prepared for careers in policy and academia.

Students wishing to participate in the program should review the requirements and apply in the spring of their sophomore year, though applicants are accepted as early as the spring of their freshman year. For further information on the NDISC Undergraduate Fellows Program contact Director Dan Lindley at dlindley@nd.edu / 574-631-3226.

"I want to see NDISC be the bridge from Notre Dame to the Pentagon and
Washington and other parts of the national security bureaucracy."
–Michael Desch