Requirements for the Major

Political Science majors must complete a minimum of ten courses, as specified below.

AP credit is not accepted for the Political Science major.

Four Breadth Requirements

1.  Majors are required to take a course in each of the four fields of political science:
American Politics, International Relations, World Politics, and Political Theory.

2.  Two of these must be introductory courses (not including University Seminars):

a.  American Politics: POLS 10100 or POLS 20100
b.  International Relations: POLS 10200 or POLS 20200
c.  World Politics/ Comparative Politics: POLS 10400 or POLS 20400
d.  Political Theory: POLS 10600 or POLS 20600

3.  The other two breadth requirements can be either introductory or intermediate-level courses.

Four Intermediate-Level Courses

Students can specialize in one field or take a combination of courses tailored to their interests.

Two Writing Seminars

This requirement can be fulfilled with any combination of  junior or senior seminars. One semester of the senior thesis or a graduate level course can also count as a seminar. These courses give students a chance to take an advanced course in a seminar setting, with an emphasis on research skills and discussion.

To take a graduate course, students must be on the Dean's List, must get the permission of the instructor, get approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Studies.  If approved, undergraduates will be able to register into the class only after all the graduate students have registered.

Requirements for Registration

If  Political Science is your first major, you will meet with either Josh Kaplan or Carolina Arroyo to discuss your progress in the major and to receive your PIN. All majors will receive an e-mail with details about registration.