The Political Science major requires a total of ten courses:

Four Breadth Requirements

  • Majors are required to take a course in each of the four fields of political science:
    • American Politics
    • International Relations
    • Comparative Politics
    • Political Theory
    • Two of these must be introductory courses (not including University Seminars):
      • American Politics: POLS 10100, 10101 or POLS 20100. 20101
      • International Relations: POLS 10200 or POLS 20200
      • World Politics/ Comparative Politics: POLS 10400 or POLS 20400
      • Political Theory: POLS 10600 or POLS 20600
    • The other two breadth requirements can be either introductory or intermediate-level courses.

Four Intermediate-Level Courses

  • Students can take a combination of courses tailored to their interests.

Two Writing Seminars

  • This requirement can be fulfilled with any combination of junior or senior seminars (POLS 43001, 43002, 53001, 53002). These courses give students a chance to take an advanced course in a seminar setting, with an emphasis on research, writing, and discussion.

AP credit does not apply to the Political Science major.