Study Abroad

Jim English interned at the Notre Dame London Global GatewayWhen Jim English, a Notre Dame senior, spent a semester at the London Global Gateway Spring 2018, he gained knowledge of British politics that would rival most locals.

Diversify your learning through international experiences on a Notre Dame study abroad program.

Notre Dame Global

Notre Dame Global is comprised of five international facilities and six Global Centers, all of which are more than launching pads for our faculty and students. They allow for rich collaborations with local universities, research centers, governments, churches, and grassroots organizations.

These intellectual hubs offer neutral sites for discourse and debate. They afford our students opportunities to open their minds and hearts to new cultures, and take the first step toward becoming true global citizens.

Meanwhile, the global partnerships have allowed our faculty to collaborate with the brightest minds in government, religion, and academia as they work together towards shared goals of knowledge, truth, and service. This network allows our students and our faculty to reach further.

Kellogg Institute for International Studies

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies is committed to the pursuit of scholarly excellence and to value-driven research that helps to advance human welfare around the world. As one of the most critical issues facing humanity, democracy is at the core of the Institute’s research agenda.

In pursuit of gaining a broader understanding of democracy's effects in nation-states around the globe, the Kellogg Institute advances research projects and discussion forums to explore this central theme.